Help - Suggestions on extracting photos from PDFS

I’m volunteering to help a camp for children who have experienced the death of a parent or sibling. The camp used for registration and each person uploaded a photo of the loved one who died. I need to print these photos but the only way I can download the pics is in a PDF document that is 2 pages long with the name on the first page and the pic on the second page. So far the best solution I have come up with is “Save as…” when hovering over the pic and it saves it as a PNG. Ideally I could automate or batch this process and get JPEGs to put on a USB drive so I can take them and be printed as 4 x 6 pics. Any suggestions? It’s over a hundred photos and I’m running out of time.


I have an 27” iMac (2020)

I haven’t personally used this, and am unfamiliar with the developer, but it looks like it could pull out the images relatively efficiently, based on the screenshots of the UI.

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File Juicer - Extract images from PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel and other Files on macOS

$20 program, but it will basically take any kind of file format that you throw at it, and save each part (i.e. from a PDF you’ll get the text and RTF and images, etc… each in their own sub-folder.

The website looks a little dated, but I think I’ve used to app for like 10 years and it has frequently come in handy.

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pdfimages will extract images from a pdf. It is free.
If you are comfortable with homebrew, use pdfimages.

If not, there is also a GUI tool here - PDF-Images download |

Works well.

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