Help Troubleshooting Email Dropout Issues

I am having routine issues with Apple email dropping out when I try to send email. I am on the latest macOS, connecting to GoogleMail. I am running MailSuite.

Here is a typical example that happens after I compose a (long) email and hit send …

Mail 20220828-155918

When I view the list in Drafts, the message body for the message is nearly blank. I loose all that I typed. The message is never sent. I have to Force Quit mail to recover.

I may turn off MailSuite and see whether the problem continues. Before I do, would anyone have any other thoughts where I could start an investigation.


When I can’t send the first thing I check is my SMTP settings.

If those are correct I check that my account isn’t full.

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I had similar issues a while back and disabled all plugins which fixed it. One of them was mailsuite, but I can’t say for sure which one was causing the issue as the only one I ever re-enabled was DevonThink.

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I’ve found that plugins are usually the culprit with mail problems 99% of the time.

I have disabled MailSuite a couple of month ago, because it seems to be responsible for a lot of issues Mail developed.
Still I can’t use the Signature Function, and incoming Mails are only displayed by the little counter on the account, but I have to leave the folder, and go back in, to actually see the mail.
While there are a couple of functions, that might help with coming with MailSuite, the App seems to cause a lot of problems.