Help understanding Ulysses vs. Drafts

Can someone tell me what makes the typing experience in Ulysses and Drafts different?
Why in Drafts do I have to put a space after a hashtag and in Ulysses I don’t?
Please understand I don’t mean that either one is wrong, I just want to know the name of the thing that describes these actions. Is it the Markdown language I picked? Or is just a nuance of the two apps? And is there anyway to make them both act the same?

In markdown (various flavors) this

# Heading

means “this is a heading – when I show you the preview it will be boldfaced with a larger font”.

Drafts behaves this way, Ulysses does the same, but Ulysses also is forgiving and will accept



# Heading

as the same thing. Drafts not so.

So, just use this in both apps and you’ll be ok:

# Heading
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Thank you! I wasn’t able to google it. Too many keywords.

Worth noting that in some markdown apps like Bear and iA Writer #Heading without a space tags that document with the tag “Heading”. That took some getting used to when I switched from Byword to Bear.

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