Help w/ creating automated websearch workflows

Besides working as a teacher, I do social media intermittently for a classical music store and label in Denmark.

Currently, we trawl specific Danish newspapers for reviews of new recordings within classical music and opera.

I was thinking that there must be a less time consuming and better way of doing that.

Is anyone familiar with how to create intelligent and recurring web searches or services, which would perform such an action regularly and automatically perhaps based on keywords?

I use DevonAgent.

I also use Google Alerts.


@bowline Do you know if Google Alerts will work for paywalled articles? :thinking:

My own initial response is yes, of course dummy. But I was just unsure about it suddenly

I’m on iPad Pro only :sob:

Yes, I regularly get report emails with NYTimes articles (and occasionally FT articles, I think).

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Do you have an alert set up for either those newspapers specifically with perhaps optional search terms?

The email results usually coming up with NYTimes articles is a search I’d set up years ago on a person’s name, and that person now has a byline a couple of times a week in that paper. Usually I also get repeat-hit results from tiny newspapers too, where articles are syndicated (but those repeat results usually come by email a day or two after the initial NYTimes piece).

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How do you set that up exactly query-wise?

In the search field for my particular alert on reviews of classical music in a specific Danish newspaper, I have set up (with quotation marks):

“Name of newspaper” “classical music” “review”

Is there a better to do it?

FYI I use NewsBlur for RSS, but just discovered this really nice feature of Feedly Pro – the ability to fine-tune keyword searches to get real-time alerts and create your own custom newsroom:

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