Help with an Apple Numbers formula

I’ve made a spreadsheet in Apple Numbers to help me track the wrong mistakes I’ve made each month. I’m looking for help with a formula to calculate the last value in a row.

Your help with this is appreciated. Thanks.

There’s a vlookup trick for this in Excel I can’t get to work right now in Numbers. If nothing else, you can make a hidden row that shows the previous number if there’s no next number, and fill them so they all chain together to pass the most recent number all the way up to the cell the Last Value display is getting its value from.

Thank you. I’ll try this. I saw where you can use an INDEX function, but the examples in Numbers shows this for columns and I couldn’t figure out how to do for rows. :grinning:

I just had some fun playing in Numbers and came up with this pretty complex looking approach :blush:. But upon initial testing this could be working, although by no means error proof. I’m basically starting from the right and if the last cell is a number I take that one, otherwise it checks the cell to the left to be a number and the cell to the right to be empty and so on. It probably is pretty hacky (the screenshot only shows the principal formula and would have to be extended for further cell-Checks) but could work I guess. Probably there are way easier solutions though :sweat_smile:.

I appreciate you (and @cornchip) for taking the time to do this. I’ll check out your formula. May take me a couple of days but I’ll try it. I learn something from every example. :grinning:

I found a solution from Gary at MacMost:

His example was for a column, so I changed it for a row. Works well.

Gary at MacMost has ton of free stuff at his website. I find his stuff so valuable that I gladly support him through Patreon.

Again, @cornchip and @JensV, thank you for your help. :grinning:


It might be a little Off-Topic, but for the curiosity of it, may I ask, what you are talking about, when you say: “Wrong Mistake”?

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Because if you make mistakes, you don’t want to make the wrong ones. It’s tongue-in-cheek. A pleonasm. Meant to be somewhat humorous. Sometimes falls flat. Sort of like now. :crazy_face:

Pleonasm: Pleonasm - Sketchplanations