Help with an LG Ultrawide Monitor USB-C Cable

I’ve been using the LG Ultrawide 38" Monitor which has been an absolute dream for my office. Recently the USB-C cord crapped out ruining my dreams of my 2017 MBP connected to everything with one cord. I’m wondering if anyone knows of a USB-C cable that will work with this monitor to do all of the following:

  • Power and charge my MBP
  • Pass data through to my MBP from monitor’s USB inputs
  • Provide high-resolution screen mirroring 3840 x 1600 pixels

Anyone have any luck with USB-C cables? I’ve tried every cable that Apple offers which does not seem to work, as well as cables from both samsung and the google pixel. Still feels like the wild west when it comes to reliable USB-C cables.

Maybe OEM would work best?

This may be a power delivery problem. Your LG monitor should be able to deliver 60W of power to your MBP which will be enough for a 13” model but won’t power a 15” which needs 85W. USB-C cables can be rated to handle between 15W and 100W (possibly higher).

Theres an article from Apple support to help identify the correct Apple cable to use, or you could search Amazon for a Thunderbolt 3 cable, rather than just USB Type-C cable, which should handle supplying enough power. Look for one that’s rated for a 100W and you should be fine. Anker is a brand I’ve had a lot of success with and would trust, although I’ve not tried their Thunderbolt 3 cables, but I’m sure there are others.

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Would you recommend tryingthis cable? Looks like it’s a thunderbolt 3.0 as well as 100W charging? This is already so much more helpful than anything I could get from the LG customer service team!

Yes, that should be up to the job. :+1:

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