Help with Audio Hijack

Hoping there is someone in the chat that can help me with an annoying problem. I set up a web audio stream in Audiohighjack pro. When I do an actual recording, from what I’m hearing it sounds like my voice is echoing, but when I go to the playback it sounds fine (no echo). Its not a dealbreaker but it is annoying.

I have the Source to Include audio input. An online note that I found said to decrease the Audio Processing Latency in Preferences, but that did not help.

Near as I can tell, I think it has something to do with Output Device, but I’m not sure.

Can someone with experience with audio highjack give me some advice.

Is your Input Device (Default System Input, Built-in) going directly to the Recorder?

Or is it going to the Output Device (Default System Output)? (this will cause the echo)
And the Output Device is then connected to the Recorder.

Here’s a screenshot of one of my session setups I use for both recording and broadcasting. As you can see, the main audio goes to my output — in my case, wired headphones connected to output from my Blue Yeti mic — and that is what I hear in my ears when I’m live. The mic input is then fed into an auto-ducking block along with the output, and the combined result goes to the recording and broadcast block. (The Peak/RMS is optional, but I like to see it in my menu bar.)

Can you try connecting the headphones directly to a stereo output (if available, on your desktop/laptop)?

I think it has something to do with Output Device, but I’m not sure.

Can you share the ducking and output device settings ?

Theoretically, yes, but the reality is that it would greatly reduce my freedom of movement if I did that — I’d need to get headphones with a much longer cord for that to be practical.

The ducking settings are pretty much the defaults. I set the inputs and outputs separately using SoundSource.

or what about bluetooth headphones for a workaround?

You can try and test it to eliminate it as the cause of the problem.

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I think you’re confusing me with @PJCads who’s the original poster in this discussion.

I used to have the input and output set directly in Audio Hijack, the only catch is that if — as has happened a few times — I change to a different set of headphones, I then have to remember to change those settings across multiple sessions in AHJ.

One thing I love about SoundSource is that it gives me a full overview of what my audio settings are, and in particular whether any are muted!