Help with automating expense tracking

I’ve got a workflow that I put together from David’s Workflow video that names a receipt image file with the date, place, budget category, and amount, then uploads the file to the cloud for my bookkeeper. It works great and I use it every day. But I’d like a way to keep track of how much I’ve spent in a given category during each month. Is there a way to use Workflow or something else to add this information to a spreadsheet? Or an app that would help me keep track of a simple list of expenses? Any other ideas?

Perhaps Money Pro Money Pro by Bear.

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I use a really good Australian made app called Pocketbook, it can auto import bank feeds, create budgets with spending limits and saving goals, you can set up your own categories and report on them. Currently, it will only auto-import Australian banks but you can manually import transactions.


My wife and I use YNAB for our personal finances. I love it so much I also use it for my freelancing illustration. YNAB can import from your bank account and let you easily apply an expense to a category. It’ll even auto-suggest similar transactions to a category.

While it’s not accounting software, it does provide a simple solution for basic expense tracking. I highly recommend it.


Second vote for YNAB.

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After spending years thinking about this exact functionality and being unhappy with the market, I am actually developing my own app to do just this! I expect to ship V1 in a month or two. (As clarification, I started development on Monday, so it’s still early days)

My corporate site looks terrible, but that’s because I have chosen to spend my time working on the product rather then web styling. The roadmap can be found Here and here are the current V1 application screen designs.

Just today I got my data persistence framework built


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Exciting @Ben_Lincoln! Can’t wait to check it out.

I’ve worked with YNAB in the past. I may give that a try. Thanks!

Just yesterday I got the main menu functioning, it is coming along nicely, I will probably put out a call for beta testers out here on the forum when I am ready for that, since I actually don’t own an iPhone.

The hard thing is actually keeping it lean for a version 1, it’s really easy to scope creep this sort of product because there is actually a lot it could do and be.

It’s also really hard to show progress because for instance I spent 4 days building the application framework, which is all backend code to control how the app functions, without any corisponspding UI.