Help with calendar subscription problem please

I am having difficulty with calendar subscriptions: after the event happens, the calendar entry disappears. I would like to keep the calendar entry. Anyone know why this is happening and what I can do to address the problem?

Not sure if this is relevant, but the two calendars I subscribe to are for health care practitioners who use JaneApp to manage bookings.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Others may chime in with more specifics if you tell us which application you are viewing in and on which platform.

In my experience it is quite common for calendar apps to have an option not to display past events, or to limit how far in the past you can see, so it may be something like this. I can say that Apple Calendar for Mac does not have such an option and I can see back for years, but it was long a habit on mobile operating systems to narrow the window of time and indeed Calendar for iOS/iPadOS has a setting (in the Settings app) for syncing events from the past which allows for 2 weeks back through 6 months back and also All Events.

So if it’s Apple’s Calendar app on any platform then it would seem the events are physically disappearing and I would certainly suspect JaneApp.

Since you are subscribing to a calendar that you do not control, it’s possible that the health practitioners’ offices are deleting the past-day events, which then disappear from the instance of the subscribed calendar that you can see.

First step would be to ask those offices if their procedure is to delete the appointments.

Here’s some info from Jane’s that might be useful

When I subscribe to calendars that I do not control, I often keep a local copy of the events on my own calendar. What I do is (a) select the event and duplicate it in Calendar with command-D; then (b) edit the duplicate event to change the calendar assigned to that event to one of my own calendars.


I think the retention settings are controlled by the calendar owner. I have subscribed calendars that have indefinite history, some with 30 days retention and some for which history disappears a.s.a.the events are over.

Oops! I did forget to specify which calendar application I am using. Thanks @zkarj for pointing that out. I am using Apple’s Calendar App (with iCloud syncing).

I’ve checked all the settings within Apple Calendar that I can think of. I can find no option to manually control retention history as @simonsmark describes. This, to me, suggests that JaneApp calendar subscriptions may not allow for retention. Thank you for sharing your experience @simonsmark. I have no other calendar subscriptions, so I had no way of comparing subscription experiences.

I have been keeping a local copy as @quorm suggested. Unfortunately, the duplicate option is not available for my calendar subscriptions from JaneApp (the option is greyed out/no dice with cmd-D). So I end out have to manually create a new calendar entry for every appointment. This is a tedious waste of my time, but may be my only option.

I do know that the practitioners are not deleting appointments from their records. I can also see the appointments listed in my history within my JaneApp accounts. I have reviewed the JaneApp support but did not find any information specific to calendar subscription retention. I guess I will either have to live with this or reach out to JaneApp for help.

Thanks everyone for your help!

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