Help with Keyboard Maestro dictionary

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Keyboard Maestro (I finally thought it was time I learned how to use the tool when @MacSparky released his field guide).

I am trying to build a macro that creates a task in Asana and I use an input menu to set information about the task. What I’d like to do is convert values from a menu into numbers for creating tags. I think I can do this with a dictionary, but I don’t really understand how to use them.

e.g. the menu item is 1-Hour call and I’d like to set this to the number 60 for use as a variable later on.

  • 1-Hour Call » 60
  • 2-Hour Call » 120

Also, how do you delete a dictionary? In my effort to set them up, I seem to have created a few and now can’t seem to delete them.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I would try to ask that question on the KM forums, you might have better luck there since this is an advanced question.

Paul - I don’t know how to use dictionaries, but in KM, there’s a way to present one variable as an input option, but instead store another. If you did a “Prompt for user input”, create a variable, and as the default put:
60__1-Hour Call|120__2-Hour Call

When you run the macro, your alert will give you a popup with the choices “1-Hour Call” and “2-Hour Call”, but the variable passed on will either be “60” or “120”.

More explanation here:
Not exactly what you asked, but I hope this helps!

Thanks for the tips. I managed to figure it out and my macro is working well now.

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