Help with removing a ghost iMac from Find my iPhone

Hello everyone, I hope to find some help with an old Mac showing up on „Find my iPhone“.

On my old iMac the graphics card died a couple of years ago, so I did not have a chance to remove it from „Find my iPhone“ back then. I removed the hard drive and sold the iMac on eBay. Now, when I look on „Find my iPhone“ I can see an old Mac on my devices list. I have to assume that this is the old iMac I sold a couple of years ago.

When I click on it, I do only have the options to lock it, play a sound or remotely wipe it. I do not see the option to remove it from my account. I also do not just want to wipe the new owners Mac completely.

Does anyone have an idea how to get rid of the device on „Find my iPhone“?

Log into and you should be able to remove it from your account :slight_smile:


For the first three months that I owned my HomePod I had ghost iPhones, even though only one is connected to my Apple ID: every time I misplace my iPhone I try to ask my HomePod where it is in order to trigger the ‘here I am’ ping, HomePod always told me it couldn’t because it didn’t know which iPhone I was referring to, then suggested I log into my AppleID page.

At some point Apple fixed that bug, because HomePod will now correctly ping my device.

Thanks for the help.
I logged into my account via, but the device was not listed there. Then I checked back on „Find my iPhone“ and it was still listed there. This time it was offline and I could select the option to remove it from my account. Strange, but I hope the problem is fixed now.