Help with Shortcuts workflow

Hi everyone

I would love it if someone could help me create a greasy morning routine with a cool workflow in Shortcuts.

  1. Stop Alarm on my iPhone
  2. Read me today’s weather
  3. Read me today’s events
  4. Play a specific radio channel on my HomePod

Can anyone help me creat this workflow?


Here’s a metric version of a Goodmorning shortcut made by the talented @RosemaryOrchard to get you started.

You’ll need a free API from Dark Sky - get that here before importing the shortcut - it’ll let you run 1000 requests a day on the free tier.
Other than that when importing you’ll be asked for your Dark Sky API key, and your name, and that’s it.
After that, it’s just a matter of customizing the shortcut to your liking.

I used this as a template for my good morning Siri shortcut. I, among other things, have it read the headlines from DR.DK and then playback music from Apple Music, but I guess if the radio app you’re looking to launch either has Siri Shortcut support or URL Callback support, you should be able to have it running pretty smooth pretty fast :smiley:

A good place to get help if you’re stuck is here in these forum topics, but also on the Automators forum - a lot of people more than willing to help out if you get too stuck :smiley:

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Thanks Tonny.

I don’t see the link to the shortcut you mentioned, did I miss something? Do you use a HomePod to playback music as well? I actually wanted it to play DR Radio on a webbrowser in Safari on the iPhone, but I guess that’s too complicated so I’ll settle for it just playing my Jazz genre on iTunes Match.


My bad - here’s the Link