Help with Siri Shortcut for HomePods

This may not be possible but if it is, I know someone in the MPU community will know how to do this. :slight_smile:

I should say that I am completely new at home automation. I do have 10-15 simple Siri Shortcuts setup that work well. I have no experience with scripting, etc., and given my schedule don’t have the time to learn.

I have two HomePods and three Echo Dots. I want to replicate morning routines I can do on the Echo Dots on the HomePods using Siri Shortcuts. Obviously, if Siri can’t yet do this I’ll just use the Dots for this purpose but I’d like to use Siri on the HomePods if possible. Here is what I want to do:

Hey Siri, Begin My Day and then Siri, in this order, would on the HomePods:
—Give me the weather forecast
—Read my upcoming appointments
—Give me the top news stories or open and run NPR Now (I realize the News app says to “see stories”, but I cannot find an option anywhere in the gallery for the news to actually be read nor does NPR show up as an available shortcut)
—Play my Smooth Jazz Playlist

I can only get Siri to play the playlist. If I add the shortcut to get the news, it opens the news app. I want Siri to read the news like she does if I issue that single command. The same for the weather forecast. I know I can give independent commands to Siri for the news and weather forecast but I would like to have Siri run a shortcut for all of these as a morning routine. Below are screeshots of what I have tried.

Is this possible and if so, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance for your help!

After getting the weather and calendar you need to add a “show result” option with the contents of the previous action, like this:

With the news I’d pick a source you like which has an RSS feed - then get however many titles you like and combine those before showing the result :slight_smile:

Rose, we can always depend on you for excellent help!

Quick question, can I get the the Siri shortcut to actually read the news stories or am I currently restricted to seeing and reading them myself? Obviously, a major first world problem! :slight_smile:

That news action just opens the news app - hence my RSS suggestion :slight_smile: