Help with the fn key external keyboard on iPad

Here’s my question. I’m using my Bluetooth Magic Keyboard with my 5th generation iPad version 13.4.1. I use fn + delete to do a forward delete. For some reason when I hit the fn key a keyboard picker pops up. The documentation I’ve read says control + space bar brings up the keyboard picker, which it does when using an external keyboard.

Does anyone know how I can stop the fn key from bringing up the keyboard picker?

It’s not the fn key on iOS, it’s the Globe (keyboard selector) key.
You can remap this key to other stuff in the keyboard preferences of iOS but I don’t think you can replicate the Del key.

Thanks for your response. The fn key is set to fn function. With that setting fn + delete works as forward delete as it should but the keyboard picker pop up is on the screen at same time. It’s not that big of a deal. I just find annoying. Any other suggestions?