Help with using Windows 10 at work and Mac at home, DevonThink solution?

I’ve been using a Mac for the last 10 or so years. I’m forced to use a Windows laptop for work. I find it really easy to use DevonThink to organize my research, PDF’s, photos, etc. I like the idea of having everything in one place and easily referenced. Right now I’m frustrated as for example I have to scroll through my photos on my iPhone to find certain things I’ve taken photos of. I have PDF’s on my Mac that I reference and my work PC in my email or the school’s OneDrive.

My goal would be to be able to sync the folders I create in DevonThink and have it synced to my work computer with the folders and such. I like processing on my Mac and putting stuff in my inbox and then going to file stuff. I know DevonThink has the ability for indexing, would this work for my needs? The idea is that I’ll be making the changes on my Mac primarily, might occasionally want to add things from work. Also, my school uses Microsoft 365. I can use Microsoft 365 on my Mac from home as well.

Thoughts or other solutions appreciated.

Initial thoughts would be a Dropbox (or perhaps onedrive) folder indexed by DEVONthink.

If that doesn’t work out, you could look into Notebooks, which is cross platform. You could even combine the two and use DEVONthink to index your Notebooks files.

In listening to the latest MPU episode all about Finder, Forklift seems to be able to help keep files in sync as well. I might have to dig into that to see if that would help the solution.

As for your thoughts, I like the idea of indexing OneDrive with DevonThink. Do you know if it can sync both ways if I want to add things from my Mac instead of always having to have OneDrive open when using my Mac? I’ll also take a look at Notebooks as well thought certainly would prefer to work with DevonThink.

I’ve never used onedrive, but it sounds like here that it works like iCloud, Dropbox, etc. Add files on macOS and they are synced to Windows, and vice-versa.

Ok so I was able to set it up. Now I have to figure out how to sync my files to OneDrive first. I also would like to add files from the inbox within that database to the DevonThink index folder and have those changes synced.

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It seems the beta of version 3 might do what I asked correctly. If not I’ll just create folders within OneDrive and make an Index folder too. I can then browse and work on it within Forklift

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I’m hesitant to upgrade to DevonThink 3 as it’s in beta. Thinking about using DevonThink 2 for the time being still and create a workaround of using Transmit to keep OneDrive in Sync with a local folder. This would also in my head at least aid in creating new folders within DevonThink or in Transmit. Thoughts of if this would work?