Helpful Apple TV Tip

While watching Apple TV I decided I wanted to resume where I left off on another program. I usually used the remote to click through to the service, program, and episode; that is tedious. On a lark I decided to try something. I invoked Siri and said, “Resume ‘program name.’’” I was immediately taken to the program and correct episode and it started where I left off. Very nice. Most of you probably already know this but for the few who may not I thought I’d share this tip.


Now I want to try this on my Roku too. I’ll report back!

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Apple TV does not get enough credit for having a much better OS than the others. For example, “Siri, turn off/on subtitles” works universally. It does not work like that for Google/Amazon devices. Now if only the 3rd party app makers would write to the OS and instead of generic multi-platform junk and if Netflix would get in the TV app…

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You say universally. There is an on demand app for a local TV network in New Zealand that I rarely used but have a few times recently. It remembered which show I was on in the very, very long alphabetical list (thankfully) but had no idea whatsoever that I had in fact already watched part of the episode.

Ok, clearly I am not using my Apple TV in power user mode. I didn’t know either of these tips! Is there any documentation for all of the voice commands you can use?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’ve not looked, I just experiment. :slightly_smiling_face:

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