Helpful Freeform Tips

I was inspired to explore FreeForm in more depth for my work after reading @iPersuade’s post on his use of FreeForm. While doing a little research, I stumbled upon this video. I’m passing it along because others may find it helpful. I found his use of a FreeForm template of particular interest.

His FreeForm courses:

Here is an excellent overview from 9 to 5 Mac. Note: he moves and speaks fast. :dash:


I have some Freeform tutorial videos that I thought were helpful. I’ll add them to this post when I have a moment.

Oh good! I was going to ask you how you use FreeForm for presentations!

Thanks for sharing. I sort of have forgotten about Freeform (though I was excited to see its potential upon its announcement at WWDC). I can see myself using it for timelines for book notes, for example.

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