Hemispheric Views: Fastmail Interview

Given that @MacSparky has recently embraced Fastmail as his email provider, I thought he and other MPU folk might enjoy this interview with Fastmail’s Network Engineer Rob N, on Hemispheric Views podcast.

The show is available in all the podcast apps, or right here on the web.


I’m a big fan of Hemispheric Views, partly because I know and love these guys from Micro.blog.


me too :slight_smile:

I also find this podcast to be a breath of fresh air compared to the other tech podcasts.

(listening to the episode as we speak…. WOW… Rob is super smart)

These guys have been on fire with guests. Previous episode was with Adam from OMG.LOL and now Rob from Fastmail. Its so good to hear from these people rather than executives of large companies which basically say a lot but I get nothing out of it.

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This was a totally charming episode. Thanks for sharing it!

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