Heretical Question: Move My Blog to Facebook?

Debatable. Meta products (FB and IG) only show a small percentage of what friends and subscribed pages put out. It can also depend on what device is being used. For example, on my desktop Mac I see posts from people, on my MacBookPro I see different posts from those same people, and on my iOS/iPad devices I see posts from people whose work rarely shows up on the other devices.

I have long maintained that this selective display is because Meta cannot find anything in friends posts that can have spamverts hung therefore as these do not generate a click opportunity they won’t show the post(s).

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reviving my previous post and here.

Just wondering whether anyone using SilverStripe or Joomla for blogging. Is there anyone can share their experience and feedback for someone (like me) that is not super technical

I wouldn’t recommend starting a new project with Joomla. It’s not really in active development, and from both technical and design aspects it’s been superseded. You’ll be fighting it the whole time.


thanks, good to know


Joomla is overkill for blogging. It’s better viewed as a multiple writer site, or a publication system for a magazine.

It’s not simple to admin.

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I don’t know Joomla, but I once made a single-writer site with Drupal. It was a little clunky, but I could do absolutely everything I wanted to. After that it was all headaches – updating, security, maintaining, adding… just way too powerful for what I was trying to do with it, which it turns out can be as much of a problem as underpowered software.

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That’s the reason why it does not make much sense to do self hosting unless a) you are an expert on this technical stuff or b) have strong opinions on the ownership of you content. Creating content is hard enough and requires its own dedication, fighting the technology is best left to the platforms themselves.

Do you have backup? Will it work if you try to recover from a disaster? Did you check last month’s published CVE vulnerabities from the software? And its plugins? And the operating system? Are your logs filling the hard disk space? Will you remember to renew and install the SSL certificate? The list is never ending.



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Drupal is a little more frustrating than Joomla, but only a little. I’d need to be paid extra to ever use either again.


Ahh, Drupal. Back in my “former life” (i.e., pre-fatherhood), I had a ton of fun messing around with Drupal (and Joomla to a lesser extent). Very powerful.

I agree, although the self-hosted version of WordPress, while not for the non-technical, is pretty simple for a hobbyist nerd.

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It could always be worse. It could be Movable Type.

I knew a guy who had that and there were seemingly-never-ending problems with content, templates, etc.

Especially if you stick to WP core, a well-developed theme, and super-minimal plugins. With that setup, you can almost always just click “update all” and you’re good.

It’s when you have a plugin that handles some weird edge case - a plugin developed by one guy that nobody has heard from in 2 years - that you start having issues. :smiley:


I started my first blog on Radio Userland. Then Movable Type, then WordPress.

just come across WriteFreely. I believe it is self hosted with community support.

Just wondering any one here has any experience using it

Hover has and it used to have a concierge service to move domain registration to them. They did it all for me for free. recommended.

The free Wordpress service as a blog site works for me.

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