Hey.com for email?

Just curious. Is anyone still using hey.com?

I fell in love with it.
For six weeks.
Then stopped.

It promised a lot, but it just didn’t work how I worked, and I concluded that the way I worked was preferable.

I still use it for personal email. I don’t believe it’s superior to any other solution currently in the market. Also I don’t see the product evolving as I would expect.

I’ve used it since launch.

I have been using it almost every day since launch and here is why:


They seem to be working on a big new feature.

I wonder what it is?!

I’m betting calendar

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After three odd years of using Hey with iCloud calendar, I don’t need a calendar from Hey.

I much rather they worked on making HEY better. I would like a two plane view on desktop and iPad. HEY really does not take advantage of a larger screen. It just makes the mobile app bigger.


“The Rolex of Email” - really? Over rated but good in a robbery situation?!

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Couldn’t have said it better :teddy_bear:

I fell in love with it at first, quit after five months, and then started using it again (with my personal domain) in January of this year when I started a new job and could officially separate my work email (outlook) from my personal email (Hey). It’s not perfect, but I keep enjoying a few features.

The number one best feature is the experience of screening people out, either after they email for the first time, or after they email too much and I don’t want to hear from them anymore.

The second best feature is the ability to a) know when I’m being tracked, and b) still be able to see the email as it was intended.

Other features I like are set aside for flagging newsletters I’d like to read later. Bubble up for reminding me of things on the day I need a reminder. And, at times, the “focus and reply” mode.

There are lots of other features I find neat in concept, but I don’t need or use them in reality.


All I know about HEY comes from the Jason Fried video on the 37 Signals Youtube channel.

It appears they have come up with a unique way to present features now available from most email services and manage them with click to use rules. On top of that they have added some nice extras like a gallery view of attachments and a way to display images by default while blocking tracking pixels.

HEY doesn’t offer me anything I don’t already have but the pricing seems reasonable and I can see the appeal it might have for others.

I thought about it a little more. Why I’ve stuck with Hey for three years:

  • Feels like a digital home
  • Great design and keyboard shortcuts
  • Best reading experience for the letters and conversations that matter to me
  • Screening out and into Paper Trail
  • Excellent customer support
  • Besides that, I use a couple dozen of the features listed here without any confusion or overengineering