HEY.com - The Problem with Auto-filing emails


I apologise upfront for creating another HEY post but this occurred to me after using HEY a bit more.

The Problem with Auto-filing emails

HEY auto filing emails into “The Feed” and “Paper Trail” is great and also not unique to HEY. Both Gmails and Outlook allow for auto-filling of emails to a specific folder and/or label.

Let me explain the problem here with an example:

Paypal uses service@paypal.com email address to notify you:

  • when you receive money from someone
  • when you send payment to someone or pay for something with PayPal
  • when you are transferring money into your account from PayPal
  • when you close your PayPal account
  • when you add a new email address
  • outcome of your Paypal dispute
  • Reminder that your credit card is expiring
  • security updates

Now if you auto-file emails from service@paypal.com to “Paper Trail” than you will not see the important emails about your credit card expiring, paypal dispute or if someone has sent you money or any security updates. You will have to check the Paper Trail section of the app which I will forget to do so.

I still use auto-filing. I currently have any emails from service@paypal.com be labeled as @paypal and @receipt. Now, they still stay in my Inbox so I can deal with them and archive accordingly. Furthermore, searching label @receipt shows me all my receipts.

Be rest assured, Paypal is not the only one that does this (lookup: no_reply@email.apple.com, no-reply@spotify.com, etc). And more importantly, how will you know if any company you deal with is using the same email address to notify you of other things that you would not otherwise put in “Paper Trail”.

Also updated my blog post and will continue updating as I learn more. Rest assured, I will not be creating a separate post here for every update. This I thought was important.

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A way around this is more granular filtering, e.g. filtering not only by sender but also keywords in the subject. Not sure if hey.com has this. I do it in ProtonMail.

Moreover, you can divert filtered emails into a folder for review, so that they bypass the inbox, sparing you an unnecessary notification, but you can still cast an eye over them before archiving/deleting.

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Hey.com, from what I can gather is auto-filing based on email address only.

But there may be emails that people still want to receive, just not into the inbox or with a notification, for example receipts from Apple.

Understand what you’re saying. I forgot that this thread was about hey.com. I was carried away discussing e-mail in the abstract :slight_smile:

Still using hey.com?


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I read this before. Would love to hear more how exactly you are using Hey