HEY EMAIL - 12 MONTHS LATER - Who is still using it and Why

I am looking at HEY email AGAIN

Please share if you recommend it, or no longer using it and why? Did you renew for a second year or have you moved on… If you have, which service are you using now. If you have renewed, what are you enjoying and what are things that you would like to see improved

On the flip side: why are you reconsidering it? What’s attractive to you, and why did you not go with it to begin with?


I still think the same as about a year ago. It’s just my personal email address. The only thing I’m doing differently since then is also using it for a custom domain (Hey creates a combined inbox for them.)

I am still using it. I have it helping with newsletter and spam. It’s not worth starting this journey with another tool or email client.

I forward some personal emails to it, and have it as my SaneBox.

Edit: I just checked SaneBox pricing. And Hey is absolutely cheaper for what it offers me.

I switched away when the whole controversy blew up at Basecamp in April. I never found the service that revolutionary, so it was fairly easy to decide not to continue giving them my money.

I went back to Google Apps + Spark and now Google Apps + Airmail. Not in love with gmail as a service, but it does work reliably and I do enjoy having an email client that isn’t a web wrapper (Hey’s Mac app always felt pretty janky to me).


I quit after five months. Right now, I’m using Mimestream and Sanebox. It’s not perfect, but I mimic the best bits of Hey with SaneBlackhole and an unread-only filter for SaneLater/SaneNews. Mail would be better for me, but there’s a glitch with Sanebox and Mail and false unread counts and I’m an inbox zero person so it drives me crazy.

@ryanjamurphy What I found most useful with HEY was: HEY is the Rolex of Email

Why I moved away and back to Gmail:

  • HEY still has no way to import old mails
  • HEY Search is meh
  • Gmail filters which allows me to delete many emails before it even hits my inbox

Most importantly, why I am reconsidering is because, I enjoyed a delightful email experience that HEY provided. Yes, I am lot more faster in Gmail but I enjoyed HEY…

@mina What do you mean by this? Not worth starting with HEY or something else?

Mail has many of these annoying bugs, the one I got recently is where I had over 9billion unread messages:

Mimestream is great. I prefer to have the same consistence experience and therefore, I cannot wait for the iOS app but based on recent tweets from the developer, it is coming but he has not started building it yet. So I would say its probably a year away

Sorry, I was talking about myself. For me, I have built a Screener that I depend on, starting this process again through a competing product is not worth it for me.

You know you can use those filters and forward the emails that pass those filters to Hey.

I moved away after about 8 months and didn’t renew. I liked the concept, but not enough to foist it on my whole family. I had signed up in anticipation of custom domains, but suspecting it would require me to point my domain’s MX record to Hey (I was hoping for some sort of “send as” feature). When that turned out to be the case, I canceled. I’ve since replicated some of the features with my normal email clients and Sanebox.

I’m stuck between Hey and Fastmail. I like how Hey works and it’s processes. But I do love the new collaboration between Fastmail and 1Password to create email aliases when signing up for services. Going to be interesting to see which way I fall in the coming months.


I love signing up for a new site/service (usually just to get ONE THING done) and having my browser prompt me both for a throwaway email address and a strong password, which both then auto-save into 1PW.

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For those like me without Fastmail, Hide My Email is perfectly implemented. The whole experience is amazing.

@mina How do you do this? I thought, GMAIL just forwards everything to the forwarding addres? How do you set it up for Gmail it forward emails after all the filters have been applied?

Here you go! Let me know if you need more help.

Apologies. I am not getting it. how do I forward mails that were previously filtered.

Can you rank your filters so they run after the filters above it have been processed? I didnt think, you could rank it

You should be able to create a new filter with rule in:inbox , and forward to HEY. Then in the rule, you can add more actions, like archive afterwards. So all the previous rules are either deleting or do something about the emails, and only the good emails go to Inbox, which are then forwarded to Hey.

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