Hey hey hey - hey.com is pretty good

I’ve started using hey.com for my email and I’ve reluctantly concluded that it is wonderful!

I am, for now, using it like an email client:

  • I don’t use the hey.com email address, yet*
  • I forward my 3 google email addresses to it (1 gmail, 2 work related) and read them using hey.com.
  • And, I set it up so that I can reply from hey using those addresses.

It’s decluttered my email, and now that I’ve gotten the hang of their workflows it feels clever and delightful to use.

  • one of the benefits I’d hey is that it has a nice looking, low friction blogging + newsletter platform built in and that uses the hey.com email address. I’ll probably end up having that - Clarke.ching@hey.com - as another public facing email address, but I’ve not decided yet.

Hope this helps someone. It’s worth playing around with and it’s a fair price, for my usage.


Hey is really neat, and I really like their filtering setup. By following the instructions in the link below I was able to set up a similar workflow in my fastmail.com account which is a much less expensive email service provider.

Good stuff. I’m curious how the newer features/fuller sets of features strike you as a newer user. E.g., does it makes sense that you can set aside, reply later or bubble up later an email?

Does labeling make sense to you? Does the workflow part of labels seem appealing?

Hey is a really wonderful service in a lot of ways—I was an extremely early adopter and still give out my Hey address as a personal email address because it’s so short and memorable.

However, I eventually came to the conclusion that for my particular needs, Hey was actually adding friction and stress to my email workflow rather than reducing it. I don’t mention this to discourage anyone, I just think it’s important to be aware of your needs and think about whether Hey’s features would help or hinder your efforts to solve email problems. I didn’t do a good enough job of that and ended up frustrated by the experience after a while.

In case it helps anyone considering their email options, I’ll link to the post I wrote about why Hey isn’t for me, as well as one about what it was like to migrate away again.

I’d be curious to hear your answers to cornchip’s questions too!

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