Hey Lady In The Box Map Choice Question

I have a Siri voice trigger that when I say “take me home”, it starts the Apple map and starts giving directions. All great, EXCEPT, Apple Map still doesn’t know where my address really is, (the map is a quarter mile off and tries to keep me going in circles.) I would prefer that the vocal command start my NAVIGON app. It is rock solid. Anyway to get Siri to default to the NAVIGON app?

There’s no way to change default apps in iOS.

Furthermore, there does not seem to be any Shortcuts support in Navigon, so you can’t use a Shortcut with its own trigger name. The most you could do is make one that launches the app.


I don’t have Navigon, but strangely, this shortcut opens Waze when I say “hey Siri take me home.” Can you pass an accurate address to the Navigon app this way? The block is called Show Directions.

Edit: this is buggy in Citymapper, and even if you choose Maps, it won’t automatically start the route, so it’s not going to be completely hands-free.

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Uuuuummmm. Thanks y’all. Will investigate further. :thinking:

Using Apple maps, you can save and name a location. I periodically change ‘work’ to wherever I need to park on campus. ‘School’ remains where my lab is, although sometimes Siri forgets and lists local grammar, middle, and high schools and asks, ‘Which school?’

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Interesting results. Following what JohnAtl mentioned, (THANKS!), I set my “Home” directly in Apple Maps, even though I already had it set in my Contacts as me. Apple Maps now tells me that I have a six minute walk to get home, even though I am sitting at my desk in the house. The blue route takes me to the other side of my neighborhood. I guess there’s still room for improvement there.

NAVIGON and Goggle Maps are spot on.

I like being able to say Hey Siri, take me home and it work. Maybe someday the map will get updated to take me directly to my house. I envision a day, not too far in the future, where we laugh at the thought that we interacted with our devices by touching them.

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