HI, new user saying hi and a question:)


Just getting into automation and omnifocus and was wondering, what would you suggest as a good way to reference all sorts of files, from links, documents, researching various things. Would devonthink be a good option for this?

thank you and happy to be here as well



@shiftjam welcome! Yes, DEVONthink is a great tool for what you have described. I recommend you search this forum for DEVONthink threads There have are a lot of threads on DEVONthink that provide a wealth of information.

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Agree. Plus, DEVONthink also has its own forum which is very active and has a wealth of info… DEVONthink forum


Thank you @Bmosbacker and @mailbuoy. WIll try deventhink and the forum as well.

You can get a copy of the outstanding documentation the provide for DEVONthink before you buy from their web site. Get the Manual and the free-of charge compliments of DEVON Technologies “Take Control of DEVONthink Pro” ebook. See DEVON Technologies web site. All very readable and understandable. Best to rely on it more than any forum chatter; however, forum chatter good sometimes but not in absence of previously reading/scanning the docs.


Wow, I’m surprised no one mentioned #obsidian since everyone is bananas over it.

Welcome @shiftjam. My favorites for organizing thoughts, researching and planning are iThoughts and Aeon Timeline.

@adamashlock - does Obsidian do everything Devonthink does? I just started using Obsidian for a specific project. I generally use Apple Notes. Never took to Devonthink.

Don’t leave EagleFiler out of your research for a solution.

Hi Diane. No, Devonthink is a different animal than Obsidian even having some similar features. I haven’t gone deep into DT but Obsidian is an amazing program for linking related writing and thinking. Being a longtime heavy user of Evernote I don’t have a need to switch over to DT.

Augmenting EN with Obsidian has been really fun.