Hidden camera feature(?)


I was recently recording my daughter’s taekwondo class and found a new feature. While using the camera app, you can tap the “1x” zoom indicator next to the shutter button to switch lenses to the “2x” level. That’s not new. But while making a video, or slo-mo and maybe more, if you were to tap and hold on the “1x” zoom indicator then drag your finger down, you can then fine tune the level of zoom you’d like to use.


Huh. I was not aware of that. Thanks for sharing!

(Also, my son completed his 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and we always noted at the competitions that the girls were much more brutal with each other! I hope she is enjoying it. He really benefitted from it.)

Your advice to avoid digital zoom is correct, but users should also be advised that there is a true optical zoom available on certain iPhone models.

iPhones 7+, 8+, and the newest Xs and Xs Max have dual lenses and can operate with true optical zoom. You can use the 2X picture mode and still take advantage of the full resolution of the camera sensor. It is only when you zoom beyond 2X that the digital zoom feature is encountered (thereby reducing resolution).