Hidden Gems from the Archives: MPU episodes worth revisiting

One of the things I really love about Mac Power Users is that so many of its episodes are “evergreen” (unlike a lot of tech news podcasts that are sometimes outdated before you get a chance to listen to the latest episode). Software and hardware may change, but the underlying ideas and many of the strategies for dealing with them endure.

I thought it might be nice to have a thread where we could talk about episodes from the MPU archive that are worth revisiting.

To kick things off, one of my perennial favorites is Episode 82: Cooking Ideas. While most of the software mentioned has seen several new versions since 2012 and new stuff has come along to fill some of these roles, the process that David describes for incubating a blog post (or any other sort of creative work) is as applicable as ever. It’s a really great episode.

So what older MPU episodes does everyone else think are worth a (re)listen?

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I listened in the early days, then fell off as I started a new business. Then, I picked MPU up again over the past year or two. By far, my favorite episode is:

Rose is a revelation, and I love her and David on Automators! On the other hand, my favorite non-American accent on MPU is Matt Gemmel from this week’s episode. I really enjoyed his episode, both for content and the accent:

Neither of these are vintage MPU, but Katie and David have been putting out quality podcast content for . . . what . . . 10 years? I hope they have another 10 years in them!

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