Hide specific dock icons

I have certain applications like Local (server software for building websites on the computer) always running and their icons take up space in the dock. I rarely switch to them.

Does anyone know a software like Dockless that works in macOS Sonoma to hide the dock icons but keep the applications running (should ideally be available in the Command-Tab switcher)?

I want this too. Please tag me if you get an answer!

Very curious about this too as I’d like to hide Slack.

ActiveDock allows me to do this. But that’s a whole dock replacement.

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I had the same question just now and found this neat trick (editing the app plist). It seems to work but has unintended side-effects (e.g. app also disappears from menu bar). I can live with that for the specific app I wanted to hide (Aspera Connect), I literally never have to see it anywhere.

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