Hider - is there an alternative?

Hider2 is no longer being supported although it does work. Whilst I encrypt my SDD with Filevault, I like to have another programme for sensitive documents on my MacBook Air. Any suggestions for an alternative please?

I use cryptomator.

it creates an encrypted volume I access through webdav.
Syncs to dropbox or icloud and works very well.

The current BundleHunt sale is offering significant discounts on both Espionage and Secret Folder. (I’ve owned Espionage for years, but don’t really use it.)

I use Veracrypt (https://www.veracrypt.fr/en/Home.html). It has worked flawlessly for my uses.

You don’t need third party apps. You can use disk utility to create a .dmg that is fully encrypted. Just mount it when you need to put things in, then unmount it and it’s rock solid.

If you are going to sync with cloud storage, you should consider creating a .sparsebundle. It can be fully encrypted. By using a sparsebudle, only the changes are synced each time.

That said, are there advantages to using one of the apps listed above vs a dmg or sparsebundle?

Convenience and ease of use in managing/accessing any/all of the encrypted disk images on the Mac.

Back in the aughts ago I used to use Marko Karppinen’s Knox For Mac (review), which also had an integrated backup system. When it was sold off (to 1Password in 2010) then finally discontinued, I opted to buy Espionage… then stopped using encrypted archives for the most part in favor of putting individual files inside 1Password.


Thanks. I miss Knox. I liked that it used dmg/sparsebundles. I now use sparsebundles but open/close them manually; less convenient than using Knox. I may give Espionage a try.

thanks all. Secret Folder seems to be the nearest equivalent to Hider. Thanks also for the bundle hunt information - v helpful.

I used to use Knox before moving to Boxcryptor on the recommendation of someone at 1Password.

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