Hiding unread count in Mail.app for Mojave (and/or Catalina :) )

I’m looking for a way to hide the unread count in the dock icon.

I tried setting the “Dock unread count” in the Mail settings to a smart folder with zero messages. No luck.
I tried disabling the “Badge app icon” checkbox in Mail’s notification settings. No luck.

Just not seeing how to do this. Anybody know if it’s possible, and if so, how?

System Preferences > Notifications

Select Mail app from list and uncheck “Badge app icon”.

Did that, closed and re-launched Mail, still seeing the notification.

Is there something else that might cause that setting to not be applied? Permissions or something like that?

Do you have any mail plugins such as Mailbutler or Mailsuite installed? I know I had issues with one of those plugins adding badges to the app icon but don’t recall which at the moment.

Aha, yes! I have MailSuite installed. I don’t really use it for anything though, so disabling it isn’t a problem.

That’s kind of weird that it would be interfering with the badge unread count, but I’ll shut it off in Mail’s settings and see what happens. Thanks!

May be worth logging out or rebooting after making the change.

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There should be extra badge settings in the MailSuite preferences.

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