High-end MacBook Pros in Apple Stores

When the new MacBook Pros launched, you used to be able to find a pretty high spec in Apple Stores:

  • 16"
  • M1 Max with all the cores
  • 64GB of ram
  • 4TB of storage

That’s the model I’m still interested in getting (I need the RAM), but it will take months to ship. I don’t intend to buy one today (holding out till tax season is done), so I can technically wait if I order it, but I also am curious if anybody knows if these models will continue to be sold in stores. If so, when the time comes, it might be easier for me to just wait a week or two for an in-store model, rather than wait 3 months for an online order to come in. Thing is, I haven’t seen this particular spec available for purchase in-store for months.

I know none of us probably really know, but I suspect there might be one or two folks here that have some level of insight on the matter. Does anybody have any idea if these might return to stores, or am I better to bite the bullet and order online?

I was always surprised when brand new models arrived in our store, that there were always what we referred to as “Ultimate Editions” in stock for the first few months. Completely loaded models that the Business Team could offer to some of the higher spending clients. Since the world changed 2 years ago, this has become less common. You could stop by your local Apple store (don’t bother calling because they will suggest you check online - Apple Policy) and inquire what is available but don’t get your hopes up.

I would suggest ordering online when you are ready.


A friend of mine was hoping for the same type of configuration at the store. The best we both have seen is the M1 Max with 32GB and 1TB HD. That was only for a couple of weeks. He ended up ordering the configuration he wanted and waited. It was a fun game, up until this year’s model, to see who could find one within driving distance first. This model has been a tough one if you need/want any specs outside the standard ones.

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Not sure about these days but…

A few months ago, and Apple sales person told me that the default models that might be shipped to the Apple stores were the ones that appeared on the purchase pages listed inside the store. Several months ago, the list included four models including the one you mentioned.

On the Apple web store, it only lists three models and the store sales person recommended that I could attempt to purchase that fourth model by adding customizations to those exact Store models specifications, and then I could check daily to see if that particular model was is available at my nearby stores. If so I could order it and go pick it up possibly much faster this way.

He also mentioned that other customizations Beyond the store defaults would usually take a very long time to order these days.

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I have actually seen the so-called Ultimate edition I was looking for in stores, but it was December. So I wonder if it was just something they did for the first couple months.

That’s the machine I got. Waited months. It was worth it.

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For the benefit of anybody else who stumbles across this thread, let me answer my own question: yes, you can still find the high-end configs in Apple Stores. A bunch arrived at my local store and other nearby cities today, so I was able to walk in and just pick one up. Which was great, because they could attach it to my business account too.

Anyway, long story short, yes, you can still pick up high-end Mac configs in Apple Stores well after launch.


Facing a 6-8 weeks delay on the 2020 MBP 13” 512GB version down these parts, and an “ETA unknown” on the 2021 14” 512GB version…

Anything BTO is expected to take even longer, since we are not a priority market. So this is certainly area dependent…

The recent shutdowns in China really hurt!

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