History of zettlekasten, commonplace books, etc

This is a good history of note taking from ca. the 16th century.


Thank you for sharing this! I posted the link on my site today, with credit to @JohnAtl of course.

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A helpful reminder that structured note-taking has a (very) long history… and you should use the system that works for you, not (necessarily) that touted by purists or productively bloggers.

Thanks for sharing. Good read!

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Very good indeed, thanks.

Too Much to Know, Managing Scholarly Information before the Modern Age , ISBN: 978-0-300-11251-1, by Ann M. Blair, is a fantastic book on this subject.

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I hate it when people list books on here because I head straight to Amazon to see what the price is. Might go for the kindle over the hardback in this case … :rofl:


Have it on my shelf to read.
Didn’t pay three grand for it :slight_smile:


Same here. MPU, Focused, and this forum help keep my reading list full!

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Saw the Rodin exhibit at the High Museum in Atlanta today. This description of his sketching process resonated with me, and how note taking (of any form) helps with the process of assimilating information, and synthesizing knowledge.