Ho hum retail experience

Juat stopped into two Apple Stores - you wouldn’t have guessed there was an event today - even worse it looked like there had been a remote rollout of the pricing app to all the phones in the stores but nobody had come along to sign in so they were all just spinning and waiting for an apple id. Really unimpressive.

There’s really no reason to go to a store when there’s an event, no new hardware is available. There’s a lot of marketing going on, perceived scarcity and all that business. I assume that’s why people have to wait to even order. And why placing an order today, which cannot be fulfilled, is called a pre-order. Also the midnight/8:00am release times. Like albums dropping on Tuesday, it’s completely fabricated.
It seems to work for them though.


Yeah I didn’t plan to go in, just found myself waiting around at the mall

Your mall has two Apple Stores?

In fact, it’s probably in the stores’ interest not to mention the event, otherwise no one will buy the remaining last-year’s stock.

This is LA😎

Wow! They’re like CrossFit gyms :slight_smile: