Holiday Gaming [mac power user style]

If you have an M1/M2 Mac, you no longer need to wait for some developer to make a cool game to enjoy during your downtime. Andrew Tsai does a nice rundown of how to play your Switch games on your Mac with Ryujinx.

It works beautifully. Here is my m2 air [midnight and all fingerprinty] with my current crush.


me looking for mac power users who play games…



I’ve not really bothered with emulators in the past, as I’ve generally been a PC gaming only guy. I do have a gaming laptop that I mainly use for gaming, so the Mac doesn’t really come in to it, with the exception that I used to have a 27” iMac with Bootcamp on for games.

I have toyed with selling the laptop though to get myself a Steam Deck, but as I’m currently playing through FarCry 6, I don’t think that would be a good switch at the minute. I’ve never been a “power gamer” and therefore I think the Steam Deck would suit me.

I do PC games on my iMac 2020 with bootcamp. I canceled my Steam Deck order when I realized all I would be doing is emulation of retrogames on it. I picked up an Anbernic device instead. My favorite pc games really need a mouse and keyboard to feel right. For me, the sweet spot of M1/M2 portable gaming is Ryujinx and Aethersx2 (native apple silicon ps2 emulator).

I’m on the lookout for a dosbox type solution. My dream is perfect emulation without headaches.

For me, Boxer was near perfect and could also run Microsoft Word 5.5 and WordPerfect 4.2 (I used it on a different computer with Snow Leopard).

So painless

Boxer’s game shelf design was great (picture from that Are Technica article).

There’s a forked version that supports 64 bit but I have not tried it yet (I use Catalina on an intel Mac).

It looks like there’s a beta release with Mac Silicon support.

iDos looked promising on iOS until it was removed from the App Store.

I wasn’t aware of Anbernic . . .

I have used my Mac for playing retro games (DOS, C64) and some more graphics intensive games, but have not found the mac performance the best.

I’ve since bought a Steam Deck and am very happy with it. I can play my entire steam library, use the emulator (EmuDeck) and use it as a full Desktop when I’m out and about. Absolutely love it, and since I’m also pivoting our older Family laptops to Linux to save on e-waste I’m happy to be using this awesome Linux device to game. (older macs run Linux very very well)

Dosbox for native apple silicon here:

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and just to round out the M1/2 retrogaming, here is RetroArch for apple silicon.

I agree, performance on Apple Silicon are amazing. Honestly it’s more fun to play on my M1 Air with an Xbox controller than on the Switch itself :wink:

Switch owners complaining that games run better on emulators than the Switch is a bad reflection on nintendo. Why are they still putting a 5 year old chip in their “upgraded” OLED Switch?

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talking about gaming on Mac, anyone here playing Windows games via Steam on Parallel, Wine, Crossover, PlayonMac, etc?

On my M1/M2, I have used crossover and parallels and was never really happy with either of them for beefy gaming. I do use parallels for Red Alert 2 (Command & Conquer) and play online with buddies and it works great. I also use parallels for Campaign Cartographer 3+ (map building for games). But my gaming joy on the M2 is the PS2 and Switch emulators. The fun of those two more than sates my mobile gaming thirst. I still boot camp on my iMac so AAA games are available for me but I find myself just placing my M2 on the desk and grabbing the xbox controller for most of my gaming now. I also tote an Anbernic RG350V for convenience.

I forgot to mention it earlier but a great Mac app for retrogaming is OpenEmu.

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The best any sources could come up with seems to be that Nintendo wanted to do an upgrade alongside the OLED model, but supply chain issues nixed it. There were a number of developers who were contacted about it, so seems fairly reliable. Who knows what their plans are now though.

I have been reading about how the great experience of running Nintendo Switch games on Apple Silicon Macs. I am in the process of getting Ryujinx to work. Done the first step of installing the app. Have to figure out whether I need to jailbreak my Switch to get the games ROM onto Rynjinx folder

I’m not a gamer, but I just finished reading Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, which was great, and it got me wanting to play a game so I’ve been playing The (new) Oregon Trail on Apple Arcade. Right now I’m at Fort Boise with one player, one ox, and no money.

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