Home App acting up

I am not sure what’s going on, but I have been noticing the Home App reorganizing itself without my consent.

Example. I have a room called Backyard with an accessory called Sconces.
It keeps moving it around to either Default Room or Outdoors (on its own)

I have this happening with 3 other rooms in the house.

I have Alexa and Siri in the house, I am not sure if anyone overrides the other. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

Do you have something like the Philips Hue app installed that Home and Alexa might be out of sync with?

No. All my lights are Lutron Switches with a Lutron Bridge to my router

My thinking was that maybe there’s a Lutron app that is somehow out of sync with Home. I don’t have anything Lutron, so don’t know how it works.
I’ve had this type issue with Hue, Wemo, and Koogeek at different times.

Testing it out currently. I did the config again on the Lutron app, the Home app auto-updated.
Will test and see how the other devices and my main device adjust.

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