Home App disconnect

After getting a new phone and updating my Mac and all devices to the newest OS’s, I cannot access any of my devices in the Home app, either from my new phone or my Mac. Interestingly, I still can use the app in my old iPhone that I haven’t sent back to Apple yet to control all the lights, thermostats, etc… I’ve reset the Home app, reset hubs, and reset routers, but no access on my Mac and new iPhone. Anyone have other approaches or troubleshooting ideas? TIA

This is a wild guess: I did an update to the Home app recently. It had multiple warnings about compatibility. Basically it said that if you updated Home on one device, you’d have to update it on all of your devices (including those of anybody else in the house who uses the Home app), or the ones that hadn’t done the update would be left behind.

Seems like maybe you should see if you can perform that update in the Home app on your old phone. Maybe all of your other devices have the new version of Home on them by default, while your old phone still has the old version with all of the useful data in it.

Update: I stumbled onto a solution, after multiple sessions with Apple folks (who were genuinely trying every trick in their playbook). I was checking my AppleTV logins, and noted my wife was the only one listed (our Apple One account is in her name). The settings had an option to add names, and I added my credentials. Voila! My Home app came to life and all devices were visible/controllable, just like before the iOS (and TV OS) updates. Note sure how I got kicked off the TV login (or I was never on it and previous iOS didn’t care).

I doubt this is a universal solution, but it’s what solved my problem!