Home app issues again 😣

Hey everyone. The Home app is acting up again on my iPad running 16.1.1 It lags when opening and freezes on the Automation tab with no response when tapping anywhere else on the screen.

My iPhone seemed to have the same issue but somehow was able to muscle through and become functional.

Siri commands are functioning normally as is the AppleTV dedicated as the HomeHub.

For some reason I thought this issue had popped up before? Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I waiting on home automation to get as easy and intuitive as my toaster and coffee maker before spending time and money on it. :grinning:

I bet you have checked already, is your iPad connected to wifi and are in more or less the same location as your iPhone and Apple TV?

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:joy: you’re going to be waiting a while. For the most part HomeKit is really easy to use. It is glitches like this and “No Response” that send your blood pressure sky high.

:thinking: hhhmmmmmm, possibly. I will have to pull the plug on each to see if it makes a difference.

LOL never assume! Yes, connected to same Wi-Fi network and iPad is literally 5’ from the ATV HomeHub. I am absolutely capable of making dunce moves like that though :crazy_face:.

Def good idea to check it out. Swear I am having a deja vu moment and think it was something to do with an automation routine.

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No doubt. But I’m in no hurry. Flipping the light switch and turning up the heat is not too hard. :rofl: :wink:

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but turning the heating or cooling 1 hour before you arrive home is a bit harder to do :joy:


Not really. I have an app for my thermostat. I dial it up or down as needed when I’m out and about. And, because my wife doesn’t work outside the home, this is seldom an issue. :grinning: