Home App Issues

I am experiencing with my Home App, not sure if anyone has this problem. I have Lutron Caseta lights in my home. I have an automation setup for sunrise/sunset daily for my front porch lights.

Half the time it works, half the time it’s mid-afternoon and my lights are still on.

Noticed that whenever I open my Home App, it says “updating” for most of my devices, literally takes several minutes to “wake up” for me to use.

Anyone else have this issue? Suggestions?

All of my lights are Hue, but I can tell you I get the “updating” message way more than what anyone would consider reasonable. It’s very frustrating. And it’s never just one light—they all go down at the same time, all the time.

You can set up a redundant automation, turn off the lights at 9:00am, turn on at 9:00pm, or what have you.

Mine are flakey too.
Sometimes a HomePod can’t do something, I tell my phone and it works fine. I have an automation called ‘Potty’ that turns outside lights on for the dog, and they don’t always work. My kitchen lights don’t always work with my motion sensor, and may or may not work with the hue switch. The living room HomePod may or may not turn them on if I ask.
TL;DR not for medical use or applications where human life may be at risk.

I have the automation setup. However the issue is it rarely ever “works” anymore. The Home app becomes useless with the constant “updating” message and it’s easier to use the individual app (Lutron, etc)

Lutron uses a wired hub. It’s plugged in direct to my Unifi system setup. So we can rule that out.

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I am having similar issues since Friday, 24th when the iOS App store was not working for many users.

My setup: a couple of Hue lights, Hue Motion sensors, Eve switches, a Canary and a Logitech Cirlce, so there should be some network traffic. But previously the HomePod automations always worked fine, now they don’t. However, the Home App on the iPhone still works. So I guess the HomePod and/or Siri is having issues recently. What I also notice is that some sentences used to trigger devices with Siri on the HomePod that worked for weeks now don’t work any more, but changing the order of the sentence works.