Home Automation

Hello All,

I apologize this post will be all over the place as I try and decide on hardware purchases for my project.

I am looking at getting smart dimmers and switches, I was wondering if anybody had any experiences they would be willing to share with the following Lutron, Inovelli, and Tuya compatible lights. I am trying to decide on which lighting solution, as I start the journey into home automation.

To be fair, I have a SmartThings Smart Hub, which I would like to replace, I would like to keep things local if possible. So any suggestions on a smart hub or z-wave stick would be great. I know I said, I would like to keep things local and then mentioned Tuya lights, but there is a video on how to flash the device to use it locally and they are inexpensive devices.

The idea is to integrate everything into Home Assistant so that it can play with Home Kit, Amazon and Google. Lastly, I know this is a Apple focused forum, but any recommendations on which voice control to use and why?

Looking forward to receiving some recommendations and experiences.


I am surprised that I haven’t received any replies. Easier question, is Lutron still the best lighting system for smart home or is there a better option? https://inovelli.com