Home inventory system

I need to implement a home inventory system for my employer who maintains several residences and office building. Blue Plum looks interesting as does Sortly. Anyone have any experience with managing a home or small business inventory? Items are often moved between properties, shipped off for work, etc. I want a system that comes with bar coding and label creation for boxes. Needs to be very easy to use and maintain by anyone who needs access.

Any expert suggestions out there? Thanks all!

Those are strange bedfellow finalists for a business inventory system. One’s a $25 Mac app for home inventory, the other’s a web-based service that’s free for 100 items, then starts at $39/month.

A while back I helped a relative look into commercial asset management software, which has a lot in common with retail inventory software. There were a number of components to the decision, including the company’s specific budget for the software, how many people will be logging in to use it, how many items will be tracked, how many sources/warehouses, will barcodes be used, will check-in/check-out be needed, will depreciation need to be tracked, etc?

If you’re willing to pay for a monthly service like Sortly, there are tons of competitors in the $30-$99/month range that do inventory/shipping/supply/facility/asset management to various extents, like TradeGecko, Ordoro, AdvancePro (which integrates with QuickBooks records), Q Ware CMMS Suite, FinaleInventory, and more. It all depends on your company’s specific level of need, and may be outside the scope of this forum.

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