Home kit door lock

Hi, my wife would like me to replace our front door lock with one that has a keypad. I discovered that it’s quite easy to find them in hardware stores but I began to wonder if there was such a thing as HomeKit compatible ones. Seems there are, e.g. Best HomeKit door locks

I quite like the idea of the Kwikset one with its real keyhole that can easily be re-keyed.

Anyone here had any experience with HomeKit locks? Any advice, considerations, or warnings?

Finally, I was wondering if any door locks come with a camera? Or is that door bells only?

This is a link to the one I have. It works well. As you said, it is easily rekeyed to match your other Kwikset keys.
I use rechargeable batterie, and they seem to last a couple of month. The bottom screw on the inside cover (which is removed to change batteries) is a little inconvenient, so I just leave it out.
There is a mode you can enable that requires a couple of random button presses before entering the passcode. This seems to be confusing to people, so I turned it off. (It is used so that your frequently-used buttons aren’t apparent from fingerprints.)
Supports multiple codes as well as other features I don’t need.
I like it.

We LOVE our August Lock: https://august.com/pages/homekit

It was incredibly easy to install, simple to use for family and friends and even the house cleaning service. Changing batteries is simple as well.

Hope this helps.

This isn’t my video. But this guy makes some good videos about home kit things. It’s interesting, I wish I could get a home kit lock.

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Has anyone seen a smart lock that has a key lock in the back? All the models I have seen have a twist to open knob which is good if your doorway has a solid fascia. Our has a narrow but tall window adjacent to the door. This just requires a key lock on both sides of the dead bolt or the burglar can cut/break this window and twist the knob on the lock to open the door.

I think requiring a key on the inside goes against fire codes. One could be incinerated because they didn’t have a key to get out. From a course I took at a sheriff’s office, the barrier seems to be making the burglar break glass. If they will break glass to get in your home, then it doesn’t matter about your deadbolts or other protective measures.

E.g. https://www.ehow.com/facts_7496748_dual-cylinder-deadbolt-against-law.html

Since all my other locks were Schlage I went with their lock but not hooked via HomeKit. I was already using Wink with a number of other z-wave devices so kept using that. I love a door lock with a keypad. Haven’t actually used the actual key in over 2 years that I can remember.

This thread from Ars Technica has some interesting details about locks from a pro locksmith. Look for the posts by Essence.

I have a KEVO lock on my front door that allows us to use the original key for the deadbolt. We purchased less expensive Kwikset keypad model for the garage door. Both of them suggest using Alkaline batteries instead of rechargeable because of voltage. Seems that rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage rating that could prevent the lock from working correctly.

I know this is an old conversation, but I wanted to see if there were any updates on how folks felt about their locks or if there are new locks since then that might be better.

From what I can tell, Homekit enabled just means that it has to connect to something Apple that is on all the time (not sure how to do that for an Apple TV which is typically suggested). We’re about to get our entire bottom floor renovated due to mold, so instead of giving our key to the remediation crew I was thinking of buying one of these locks and giving them a code.

Then I started researching and it took me all over the place about one brand against another and certain mesh networks not working, etc. I’m using an Eero (I guess it’s a 5 not sure how you tell) but I didn’t buy it recently. Anyway I wanted to get an update from folks or other possible recommendations before I sink the money down on something. Thoughts?

Moved into a different house last fall and decided to go with the Yale keypad lock. It’s HomeKit compatible. Good hardware quality. The software is by August which I don’t think is as user friendly as the Schlage I used to use.

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