Home pod purchase

I listened to the recent MPU+ in which Katie waxed lyrical about her new Home Pods (x 3!). I was interested enough to check out the price here in Australia - $499. Seems a great deal for a mono speaker, however gorgeous it might me. What are they charging for one in the US of A?

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Hi there,

Also in Australia and just picked up a HomePod (although I used frequent flyer points).

I think the sound is better than the Sonos PLAY:5 (original version) I had before. I also really like being able to control my music with my voice (using the Sonos app wasn’t a great experience) and my Hue lights.

Is it worth $499 though? I’m going to go with ‘no’. It’s definitely nice…but you can buy a lot of nice for $499.

What attracted me was the idea of getting the same audio stream in more than one room in the house - something that would require at least 2 Home Pods. That is definitely not worth $1,000, though.

I’m tempted but a few things are hold me back. I have quite a few Sonos speakers throughout the house already (surround setup attached to TV, Play5 gen1, two Play1s). Also, I have a Spotify subscription instead of Apple Music but might consider switching if that were the only issue. I also have an Amazon Echo and Dot in the house so have voice control either via Alexa or Siri on the Watch.

The one thing I miss with Sonos at the moment is lack of Airplay unless I switch the TV over to my Apple TV and use it as the target device. I did play with the macOS app a while ago but it was buggy. Soon, though, I could pick up a Sonos One which would bring Airplay 2 to the Sonos system.