Home Pod Reset-up

I have two Home Pods. I bought them about a year apart. They are not that old. They started double-tracking this morning. I’ve never had any problems. So I called Apple Care. I was told to reset one of them. Apple Care Rep says it is taking too long to set up the one Home Pod and it could be repaired for $91. Then it said that it was set-up but it is not playing. I don’t want to spend $100 either on a new one (not that I have the $!). Is there anything I can do?

They might need to be paired. Two show up when I go to select which apparatus to use (eg, the home podS, the earphones, or the iPhone). But I can only select one.


I’d try resetting both of them as the next troubleshooting step.

Do you know if you have multiple Wi-Fi bands on your router (5ghz and 2.5ghz?) Disabling the 5ghz temporarily could help. If you don’t know, don’t worry about this step and just try resetting both a couple times.

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I called Apple Care again and set up one for the bedroom and one for the living room. It reads “Bedroom and Living Room,” and they are both playing at the same time which is ok, I suppose. If I unplug the one in the bedroom and run to the living room and plug it in, will I have to reset them (or one of them)?

I just have one band on my router as far as I know.

Just for my clarification here…
You have one HomePod set as “Bedroom” and the other as “Living Room” correct?

This would mean they are not a Stereo pair. If you want to move one HomePod to another room, all you need to do is unplug it, move it and plug it into power. You don’t need to do anything else. Just select both rooms for playing content.

However, if you want Stereo sound when they are in the same room you would need to pair them together. This would create a sound issue when you move one HomePod back to its original location. Left channel in one room and right channel in the other. Might not bother you but it would drive me crazy.


Ok.I have them currently set up (somehow) referred to as “Bedroom AND Living Room”. When I put music on it plays in both the living room and the bedroom simultaneously. I am thinking they must be paired.

Can I unplug the one in the bedroom and run and plug it in the living room and have it work as stereo?? Or would I have to mess with them again? I’m sorta weary of doing that. I called Apple Care 3x earlier in the day.

Never mind. It’s fixed. THANKS!

It sounds like you have the HomePods set in a group, which is not the same thing as a stereo pair. I’m guessing you see them as “Bedroom AND Living Room” when in the list of AirPlay target speakers? In this configuration they are not acting as a stereo pair, they’re both playing the same thing. You would have to mess with them a bit more to make them a stereo pair, if that’s what you want.


When you say “double tracking” do you mean out of sync when playing audio?

Can you provide screenshots of them in control centre?

Above, my Conservatory and Living room speakers are setup are playing as a group as @cwolverton suggested. This just means you’ve selected the two individual speakers to both play music.

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They were not playing simultaneously but they are now. I have them both in the living room though. They both play together.

So it is not stereo?

It is, but they’re still separate speakers. If you make them a Stereo Pair, they will appear as a pair and you can only do things on both or none.

As you are, you could play different music from different devices on each.

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Oh, I think I do understand. Thanks!

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