HomeBridge and Netatmo Thermostat

Hello everyone,

So, I’'m based in the UK and have a combi boiler with relay, thermostat and 10 radiator valves. I’m an Apple user, naturally, so HomeKIt compatibility is important for me

I’m a BT customer with a SmartHub2, which I have to use, because we have a voip landline coming through the hub, which can only be the BT SmartHub2.

I am unable to get a stable connection between netatmo’s boiler relay and the netatmo servers, due to this hub, and many people seem to have had issues with it. I’ve tried all the suggestions, but to no avail.

I was about to give up on the Netatmo system (which I like) and go to a Nest (sorry!), but then came across HomeBridge, which I have installed on my MacMini 2018 and managed to set up with the Netatmo Relay.

I’m not sure though what is now running my system - is it the Homebidge/HomeKit or Netatmo’s Energy app (which I used before). I think it’s the former, but I’d love to hear from someone else using HomeBridge with the netatmo thermostat, please.

Any help, much appreciated.

Many thanks,


Have you removed the devices from homekit before you re-connected them via homebridge? If not then the old app is still running them

Yes, I did. All seems to be working now. Thanks!

Next step is to migrate HomeBridge from the MacMini to a Rasperry Pi 4!

very very easy: I’m running homebridge on docker on my Pi

A Pi is sooo much fun to work with :slight_smile: