HomeKit and Philips Hue

I have a problem with Homekit and Philips Hue.
The Philips Hub is plugged directly into the Box, but the Iphone and the Home Pod are on an extensive network … The Philips Hue software tell me that it does not find the Hue bridge … Help… Thanks

Homekit and Hue must be on the same network.

One they are set up, you can control it from outside your network/away from home.

I presume by the Box you mean your network router? When you say the iPhone is on an ‘extensive’ network do you have a separate wifi access point other than the main router?
My Hue hub is actually connected to a network switch that uplinks to another switch which in turn uplinks to the router / wifi access point and works fine with all our iPhones/iPads/Macs so it’s definitely possible to run it over an extended network.
For the purposes of trouble-shooting though, perhaps try plugging everything into the same router & see if that solves it then take it from there. Also double check your phone’s wifi setup, make sure it’s on the right wifi network and not running over a ‘guest’ network, quite a lot of wifi routers allow you to create a ‘guest’ network but that often isolates that device from any others on the network. Good Luck! :slight_smile: