Homekit and Shared Access to Accessories

So, I entered into the world of home automation today when my ecobee smart thermostat arrived. However, I have not found any way to allow my wife to set up automations after I have invited to share control of the home accessories. Anyone figure this out? Thanks!!



After the invite, did you also change the permissions on the homekit hub to allow her to add things?

from the KB article (ding!):

On your Mac

  1. In the menu bar, go to Edit > Edit Home. If you have multiple homes, click Homes in the upper-left corner, then choose a home.
  2. Under People, click the person that you want to edit permissions for, then choose the following:
  • Control Accessories Remotely: Turn on to allow users to control your accessories from any location. Turn off to allow users to only control your accessories while they’re at your home.
  • Add and Edit Accessories: Turn on to allow users to add and remove accessories, scenes, automations, and other users.*
  1. Click Back, then click Done.

kb article: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208709

Yep, did all that. She has the ability to do everything except set up automations. The automations button does not even show up on the My Home screen. Sure it is something simple, but this is my first adventure with HomeKit.

Is her phone on the same ios version? (iOS 13?)

Yes, it is running the latest and greatest. The problem actually resolved itself. I’d like to take credit for doing some thing clever and smart, but it seemed have just needed a day to sort itself out.

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