HomeKit: Increase Ceiling Fan speed by 5% points


Is it possible, to change the speed of a fan by smaller increments, e.g. 5% point? I am using (via home bridge) the Fan symbol to control a radio, and increasing it by the default 30% points (I think it is - might be 20 % as well) is definitely to much.

It sure how you’re controlling a radio like this, but you can tell Siri percentages, such as, “Hey Siri, living room lights 35 percent.”
I think you can do relative too, “Hey Siri, living room lights 5 percent brighter.”
This works with HomePod volume as well.

The icon you assign to a device doesn’t change how it works. For instance, I have white noise machines connected to Wemo switches and use the fan icon for them. The outlets still only turn on and off, and Siri will say she can’t do it if I ask for “sound machine 50 percent.”

This is true, and I am using this already, but I would like to put this in an automation, so that each time I press a button, the “Fan speed” increases by 5% point.

I believe this also depends on the parameters of the controlled device. For example, I cannot tell Alexa to set the heat in my house to 25C because the Ecobee that Alexa interacts with is configured to not heat beyond 22C.

That’s a different question :wink: