HomeKit issues w/Wemo switches

Hi there,
I’m having trouble with HomeKit and my Wemo switches… the switches seem to be failing one by one in that the switch physically still works, but I can’t get them re-added to HomeKit after moving / disconnecting them, or they’ll just stop being accessible through Home app. It’s now happened to four of the eight that I have. I’ve tried factory resetting the switches, updating their firmware, etc., but nothing seems to work… Anyone have a similar experience? Is it worth starting over w/HomeKit?

I have 2 of the older Wemo switches that use the hub, 2 of the newer ones with HomeKit compatibility built in, and a few from other brands, including two from Vocolink. The two older Wemo ones are completely unreliable with HomeKit. I have to regularly unplug and replug either the plug or the hub to get them working. I’m on the verge of just getting rid of them, and buying a couple more Vocolink plugs to replace them.

I had a couple of the older switches that I used with the Wemo bridge. I had the same problems. Had to reboot about one a week. I have three of the v2 switches and three of the plugs and have little or no problem with them.

I suppose it could be an mDNS issue although I haven’t seen any symptoms on any other devices (e.g. my NAS). (To answer your initial question I am using the Orbi Mesh). I assumed for a while that the Wemo bridge got confused when DHCP leases expired on either the switches or on itself…but that was just conjecture. Doesn’t matter now though — i replace my 2 V1 switches with V2 switches and decommissioned the bridge and the world is good :slight_smile:

I had two very old WeMo switches that I added to HomeKit using Homebridge, but I have replaced them with (way cheaper) IKEA outlets with native HomeKit support.

No regrets about that “upgrade”!