Homekit SmartPlug on and off

So, I have a Meross SmartPlug, which I would like to turn on at 10am and off at 11:30pm.

the plug is HomeKit compatible, and I can make it turn on at 10am, but how can I automate turning it off at 11:30 through HomeKit? It only gives me the option to turn it off after a set length of time, the longest being 4 hours.

I can do it through the Meross app, but would prefer to keep it all in one place with HomeKit.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious.

Mant thanks for any help,


You can set the scene and once you select the plug, tap on it to turn it off.

I think it always defaults to turning the device on.

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Just create an automation beginning with “A Time of day occurs” and when you select the accessory (the smart plug) change the action to be “turn off”.

If you want to do more advanced automations than the Apple Home app allows, but keep it within HomeKit, use the free Eve App (you don’t have to own any Eve devices) or a 3rd party HomeKit automation app like https://controllerforhomekit.com which gives you a lot more visibility and control over HomeKit.

You can also use the HomeKit automation option “Convert to Shortcut” which lets you use a lot more options. It can be confusing at first to understand how shortcuts work inside HomeKit, but worth exploring if you want to go deeper into automated controls.

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