HomeKit Systems

hey MPUers,

3 quick questions

  1. Does anyone want to share their HomeKit devices, setups, automations, or scenes?

  2. Also, what do you do with seasonal devices? Example, I have 3 iHome smart plugs used for Christmas lights. When the season is over, I take them out, but then of course it’s a “no response” in Home app. Do you leave them there? Or add/remove each year?

  3. Anyone have fun naming conventions for their rooms?

Hue Light bulbs in living room, bedroom, and front door
Ecobee 4
wemo mini plug x 3
Chamberlain MyQ Garage Door opener
August Smart Lock
Eero Wifi
Eve outdoor Thermometer

No fun names for rooms.
Only have 1 Wemo that we use for the Christmas Tree when it’s not Christmas it has a lamp plugged into it.

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  1. x57 hue lights and strips. Since the bride 2 only supports 50 (whyyyyy???) the remaining 7 lights are turned on and off manually (like an animal).

x2 ecobee 3

x1 insignia garage door opener

  1. Created a different rooms for holidays and leave everything plugged in.

  2. I have different scenes for the work week that are Good Morning, Welcome Home, Dinner, Relax, Good Night. Not very exciting but it works for us.

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My HomeKit build-out consists of the following devices:

25 x Lutron Casetta in-wall Switches
6 x Lutron Lamp Dimming Smart Plugs
2 x Hue Color Strips
6 x Hue Color Lightbulbs
2 x Hue Motion Sensors
3 x Hue Tap Smart Switches
1 x Hue Bloom Light
3.x Wemo Mini Smart Plugs
2 x Logitech Circle 2 Cameras
1 x Kwikset Keyless Entry Smart Lock
1 x Ring Video Doorbell
2 x Eve Door & Window Sensors
1 x Eve Room
1 x Sensi Thermostat
1 x Nest Thermostat
1 x GM OnStar Remote Start
1 x Chamberlin Garage Door Opener
6 x HomePods

The most useful automations for us are the ones that are triggered via a motion sensor or time of day. For example, our morning scene is triggered when motion is detected in the hallway and our evening scene comes on at sundown if at least one family member is home.

I must admit, once I started down the path of automating my home, I couldn’t stop. Feel free to ask me anything.

Note: the Nest thermostat, Ring doorbell, Chamberlin garage door, and GM OnStar remote start have been added to my Apple HomeKit setup using Homebridge.


That’s a sizable collection of smart things!

I feel I am on the same path! All my major lighting needs are used by Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmers or Smart On/Off Switches. There are a few areas that don’t have them yet in the house. I have been debating for those areas (think like Bathroom/Closets - things that get left on by accident at night or on the way out). I have been thinking for the ones that bulbs to swap them for Philips Hue Bulbs (instead of Lutron switches).

Do you need the Hue Bridge to control it all from HomeKit? I have never used the Philips Hue Brand before, although a bit pricey, it seems to have the least bit of problems?

Yes, a bridge is needed to use Philips Hue bulbs in HomeKit.

The original Hue bridge is probably the best solution, but there are alternatives like Homey and Homebridge.

(As far as I know the original bridge is required to perform firmware updates)

I’m also curious about how to handle Christmas lights that are now reported as unreachable…